Long time DCWST alpine team members, and twin sisters, Maddie Allen and Katie Allen were recently named the 2023 – 2024 Savage Squirrel Awardees. It was the first time the DCWST recognized two females as the recipients of the coveted honor.

Katie Allen and Maddie Allen hold the ceremonial helmet after being named the 23- 24 Savage Squirrels.

This Savage Squirrel Award, named after a combination of the race hill (Squirrel Cage) and and the original park (the Savage Terrain Park),  is given annually the skiers and/or snowboarders who most embody the DCWST ethos of sportsmanship, positive attitude, athletic achievement, and an overall love of the sport. As model DCWST athletes the Savage Squirrel Awardees are not only recognized at the annual team banquet, but they also add their name to the Savage Squirrel helmet and have their names engraved on the Savage Squirrel plaque displayed in the Mulderig Training Center. 

Maddie and Katie join the esteemed group of Savage Squirrels which includes the past recipients listed below. 


Historical Savage Squirrel Awardees

2022-2023: Finn Roche and Ashlyn Anderson 

2021-2022: Bayden Copley and Nikki O’Donnell

2020-2021: Maraid Johnson and Walter Brands

2019-2020: Emma Lynch and Marcus Schmidt

2018-2019: Sydney Willig and Demetri Engel

2017-2018: Jaclyn Yoder and Casey Fuller

2016-2017: Jaclyn Jacobs and Jack Phelps

2015-2016: Gregory Morris and Lexi Orenstein

2014-2015: John Yoder and Lizzie Kinnard

2013-2014: Trey Rouse and Ashley Wilhelm

2011-2012: Lauren Morris and John Wagner

2010-2011: Nicole Walch and Aryne Riley

2009-2010: Cara Stough and Colin Lynch

2008-2009: Jack Havens

2007-2008: Kyle Rouse and Danielle White

2006-2007: Tom Wallisch and Elizabeth Green