In snowboarding, head coach, Mike Rosenberger brought three DCWST snowboarders to a Massanutten (VA) competition  the weekend of Febuary 4-5.  Gage Schwinabart finished 1st in Slopestyle and Rail Jam. Bayden Copley finished 3rd in Rail Jam and Faith Montgomery (a first year DCWST snowboarder) finished 4th in Rail Jam in the girls division. The snowboarding teams crushed it again at 7 Springs Slopestyle the weekend of February 11 and 12. Gage Schwinabart placed 2nd both days and Bayden Copley got 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday.

The DCWST and WISP were also the hosts of the WGW Community Youth Cup  alpine race on Sunday February 12. Racing slalom on a Squirrel Cage course, local athletes stood on the podium in a number of age groups. For female athletes, Brady Guidera took the silver and Emma Easterday the bronze, for the U10 group male athletes, Eliot Eckel and Vale Braun took the silver and bronze. At the older age groups, Oscar Pearlman took the bronze in U12 males and Warren Hilbert-Graham and Chase Desjardins took the gold and bronze in U14 males.

The day before the alpine team travelled to 7Springs to race in giant slalom. For male racers, Eliot Eckel took the gold in U10, Troy Bray took the U12 silver, Warren Hilbert-Graham and Chase Dejardins took the gold and silver in the U14 with Ben Hamilton at silver in U16 and Markus Schmidt with gold at U21. For female racers, Maraid Johnson took the gold in U16 and Sage Eckel took bronze in U8.

The competitive alpine circuit is now transitioning to the State Championships. A number of alpine racers have qualified. At the U12 level, they are Troy Bray, Oscar Pearlman and William Over who will be traveling to Roundtop Mountain on February 25-26. On the same weekend, championship qualifying U14 racers, Alexandra Hester, Isla Norrington,  Ava Anderson, Chase Desjardins, Warren Hilbert-Graham, Trent Bray and Asher Eckel will be traveling to 7 Springs for their state race.