This year’s Awardees are Bayden Copley and Nikki O’Donnell. Congratulations!

Past Recipients Include:

2020-2021: Maraid Johnson and Walter Brands

2019-2020: Emma Lynch and Marcus Schmidt

2018-2019: Sydney Willig and Demetri Engel

2017-2018: Jaclyn Yoder and Casey Fuller

2016-2017: Jaclyn Jacobs and Jack Phelps

2015-2016: Gregory Morris and Lexi Orenstein

2014-2015: John Yoder and Lizzie Kinnard

2013-2014: Trey Rouse and Ashley Wilhelm

2012-2013: (not given)

2011-2012: Lauren Morris and John Wagner

2010-2011: Nicole Walch and Aryne Riley

2009-2010: Cara Stough and Colin Lynch

2008-2009: Jack Havens

2007-2008: Kyle Rouse and Danielle White

2006-2007: Tom Wallisch and Elizabeth Green