Volunteer opportunities abound!  Our PARENT volunteers help in numerous roles, including the following:

Race Chair  

Race Secretary

Race Registration Desk

Course Set-up and Maintenance 

Gate Judging


Particularly for parents new to the program, Gate Judging provides an outstanding volunteer opportunity.  Not only is it "the most important job on the hill," it gives you the best view on the hill and the chance for an immersive experience in ski racing.  Click
HERE for a short video on Gate Judging.

DCWST makes video analysis and feedback of training sessions and races an integral part of the program for both Devo and Comp Teams.  In order for the program to succeed, the team establishes each season a Team Videographer Group made up of parent volunteers.  A detailed description of the program, is available HERE.  If you are interested in committing to the group for the season, please email the Group Coordinator, Klaus Schmidt, at schmidtkd@verizon.net.

Not only does volunteering help your child and DCWST, it is a most rewarding experience on its own.  Being part of and learning in detail all there is to learn about these wonderfully exciting and challenging sports is truly an experience to treasure.

 If you are interested in volunteering this season, please send an email to

Volunteer Opportunities

DCWST is a volunteer, nonprofit organization run by parents with a passion for winter mountain sports.  The fees from each of our member families each year help us pay for coaching and maintain the wide array of specialized technical equipment – from computerized timing systems and communications gear to gates and netting – that it takes to field our skiing and snowboard teams and host the various events we have here at Wisp Resort each season.  There is so much more support we need, however, and we are grateful to our parent community for all that they give to DCWST as volunteers.


Results Board 

Results Packet Manager 

Awards and Ceremonies

Social Activities

Start Referee

Finish Referree

Primary and Secondary Timers 

Hand Timers

Finish Communications