Step 1:  USSS Registration

DCWST is a club team affiliated with the Pennsylvania Alpine Racing Association (PARA) of USSS.  These affiliations allow the team to purchase liability insurance through USSS under its club program.  One of the requirements of the insurance is that all members of each club team must join USSS.  As such, all DCWST team members (alpine skiers, freestyle skiers, and snowboarders) must become members of USSS.

USSS membership also allows alpine ski racers to compete in USSS and PARA events. 

USSS registration for new and returning members is accomplished through USSS's online registration system, which is accessible at Click on the "Join/Renew" button.  Please complete all required fields, and read closely all release and acknowledgement information.  The fields are, for the most part, self-explanatory.  For returning members, much of the information will self-populate based on prior years' information.  Key information new members will need to enter includes:

(1)  Primary Medical Insurance information
(2)  State, which for DCWST is "Pennsylvania" (as noted above, DCWST is affiliated with PARA; do NOT choose Maryland)
(3)  Club, which is "Deep Creek Winter Sports Team"
(4)  Sport, which for skiers is "Alpine," with the Membership Type for all members of the Developmental and Competition Teams being the appropriate age-class of "Competitor" and for Masters members being "General" or "Masters"; and which for snowboarders is "Snowboard," with the Membership type being "General."

Please print a copy of each member's USSA registration card and/or write down his or her USSS number.  You will need the USSS number when completing the DCWST registration.

Step 2:  DCWST Registration

DCWST registration for new and returning members is accomplished through our online registration system, which is accessible at  Please complete all required fields, and read closely all release and acknowledgement information.  Returning members should use their prior log-in credentials.  If you have forgotten your password, you will be provided a means to re-set it using your log-in email address.  

As part of your registration, you must carefully review and accept and agree to (1) DCWST's Concussion Policy, (2) a Waiver and Release for DCWST, and (3) Wisp Resort's Snow Sports Event Release Form.  

Special Note for Masters members:  Parents or guardians wishing to register as Masters members must add themselves to the family registration as an additional "Participant" (just like an additional child racer) and fill out the requested fields.  At the payment page, Masters members will see a charge of $347.50 plus an immediate credit back of $300, so that the total charge is $47.50 plus a $2.50 service charge by the registration system provider.   

Step 3:  USASA Registration (Optional)

While USSS membership is required for all DCWST members, USSS membership does not provide competition opportunities for freestyle skiers and/or snowboarders; these athletes compete in events organized by USASA.  As such, all skiers and snowboarders who wish to compete in USASA events must join USASA in addition to USSS.  

If you have not previously registered with USASA, you may obtain a one-day (one event) membership for free.  Subsequently, one-day (one event) memberships are available from USASA for a daily fee.  A full season membership is also available online.  For further details and registration instructions, please visit USASA's on-line registration system, which is accessible at  Please note that you should register for the Appalachian Series.


If you have any trouble or questions regarding registration, please email


Registration for all DCWST members is completed through two online steps: 

(1) Registering with U.S. Ski and Snowboard (USSS); and

(2) Registering with DCWST. 

Skiers and snowboarders who wish to compete in events organized by the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association (USASA) must also obtain a membership with USASA, which is discussed in more detail in Step 3 below.  (Fee information is available HERE.  This year's USSS equipment requirements can be accessed HERE.)  

Each of these steps is explained in detail below, with links to the appropriate registration materials.