DCWST is committed to the safety of its athletes, coaches, volunteers, and competitors.  Complete details regarding the team's protocols for addressing and protecting against COVID-19 this coming season are set forth in the working document linked HERE.  A summary of the team's key policies and procedures for the 2020-2021 season is provided below.

​​​DCWST COVID Key Policies and Procedures


All staff, athletes, volunteers and families are expected to follow all of the guidelines laid out in the DCWST COVID Plan, the Wisp Resort COVID Guidelines, and all applicable state and local COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. The following are the key “day-to-day” items that everyone needs to be aware of at this time:

Schedule Changes - Practices may be postponed, shortened, and/or cancelled when conditions will not allow for appropriate avoidance of indoor spaces and/or adequate social distancing. Parents will be notified of changes via Remind and are asked to be ready and available to pick up athletes at all times.

Staggered Start Times - During mini camp, and on Saturdays and Sundays, a staggered start time system will be used to reduce large group gatherings and allow for social distancing.  When the staggered start is in place the Snowboard/U16/U19 groups should arrive at the regular start time. The U12/U14 groups should arrive 15 minutes after the regular start time.  The U8/U10 groups should arrive 30 minutes after the regular start time.

Training Day Athlete Check-In Process -

  1. On the day of each training session every athlete (or the parent of our younger athletes) must self screen by filling out the online form found HERE.
  2. Upon physical arrival at practice, coaches will verify/validate that the athlete "passed" the prescreening. 
  3. Once validated, the coach will give the athlete the daily attendance sticker to be applied to the poles or to the snowboard (over any old stickers) Note: During all training sessions coaches will monitor all training areas/groups for any athletes without the attendance sticker. Anyone without it will not be permitted to participate.

Late Arrivals - Due to the lack of a lodge parent and the time already being lost to the prescreening/check-in process, late arrivals to practice will not be permitted this season.

Face Coverings - Athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers shall be required to wear two-layer masks/face coverings at all times, but for: (1) when actively training in gates or actively riding in the parks; (2) while racing; and (3) when eating and drinking.

Social/Physical Distancing - Spacing of 6ft or more must be maintained during all aspects of training, including while receiving or giving instruction, while skiing or snowboarding, and while at rest.

Charlifts - DCWST will limit all chairlift rides to 2 people. In addition, at the start of each training session all athletes will be assigned a chairlift buddy with whom they will ride all chairlift rides.

Warming Up - Athletes and coaches will avoid indoor spaces when at all possible. As such,athletes must come prepared to stay outside for the entire session. If a parent believes that his/her child may not be able to stay out for the entire session, they should remain on the premises so that they can be called upon if/when needed. In the case that a break is needed observe building capacity limits, limit duration to 10 minutes, isolate from the general public as much as possible, don’t touch other people’s things, do not eat, wear masks at all times, and wash your hands before returning to the group.