Coaches' Page

A message from the Deep Creek Winter Sports Team coaching staff:

Each year the return to the snow will promise a return to the basics.  As we knock off the rust and recommit ski/snowboard moves to muscle memory it is important to remember two things: fun and technique - in that order. From DCWST team members to Olympic athletes, the training and competition season means focusing on the fundamentals and learning how to concentrate on maximizing our time on snow.  The conditions on any given day might not be optimal but there is always something to learn, and the more time on snow you spend the more you gain. If you can master a skill in the freezing rain it is only that much easier when the sun is shining!

As a competition-based program, we train in order to allow each athlete to compete at the highest level possible.  But, what we must not forget is the importance of the process in reaching this goal. US Ski Team standout Mikaela Shiffrin is famous for her commitment to “working on drills for days, weeks, even months—honing and studying her technique so that she knows everything there is to know about it...the idea of practicing until you can’t get it wrong, rather than practicing until you get it right.”

So, over the course of the season when we take time away from gate training or riding rails in order to work on the fundamental and technical aspects of the sport, just remember that everyone does it and that it will pay off.  The importance of the drills may not be instantly evident and at times they might not seem as exciting as the time spent in competition simulation, but they are equally if not more important.  Of course, competing and winning is our goal, and so there will be plenty of chances to bang gates, and shred the park as the season progresses.  It is our hope that through this combination of activities that you will develop the skills and knowledge that will lead you to the podium and more importantly to a lifelong love of the sport.

We, the coaches, look forward to sharing our knowledge and passion with you and we are happy to have you as part of our program. Think snow, embrace the process, and get out there and ski and ride with us!